Mocap SA provides accurate, expandable motion capture services for industries such as video gaming, broadcast, VFX and films. Whether you are an established video gaming company looking to decrease your post-production time, a broadcast site creating compelling new content, or a start-up animation entity looking for low cost, quality Mocap data, we have the solutions for you. Our character data streams into any broadcast or game engine software product to provide interactive and compelling new content. The reliable, re-targeted 3D data streaming from Cortex provides high quality, realistic data for your broadcast content. The award-winning Cam-Trak camera tracking solution is used to track cameras and characters in the same capture volume.




As well as film, the video games market was also one of the early adopters of motion capture technology, using it for in-game locomotion as well as cinematic sequences.



Film and Television


More and more film and television productions require motion capture. Storylines that utilise partial or full CG effects are increasingly popular, and our studio can bring these new worlds to life. We provide accurate, expandable motion capture services for the broadcast market. Our systems are a vital component to virtual sets, previs and quickly deployable AR content. The real-time complexities of a live or post-broadcast studio demand accurate, simple and flexible systems. Our systems provide unparalleled tracking precision, low latency and seamless integration into many of the rendering engines used today.



We have partnered with companies to develop world-leading 3D educational content for schools and universities.



Our Sports programme builds on the already established link between Motion Capture and sports analysis. The Motion-Analysis systems are used by hundreds of sites around the world to capture, process and output the data for Movement Analysis applications. Our system also integrates with third-party equipment like force plates, EMG, video, pressure, CO2 and others. In addition, our data streams or can be output into third party software like V3D, Matlab, Python, LabView, OpenSIMM, Motion Monitor and others.

Our integrated solutions allow a site to get reports out of Cortex in a few minutes from many applications including Lifting, Running, Golf, Pitching, Batting, Gait, and Jumping.





Precise real-time tracking is being used around the world in Ergonomics and human factors, Robotics development, and Design, Manufacturing and many other Engineering applications.


Virtual Reality


Transforming real-life objects into virtual settings or placing three-dimensional virtual objects into your field of view is an exciting possibility. Our systems are the elegant solution to flawlessly connect real-life objects and people into virtual scenes with breathless realism. Whether you are after visualization or virtualization, MocapSA is your preferred provider. We deliver one of the world’s most accurate and simplified VR tracking systems. Our system includes a very low latency, smooth tracking, and powerful software. Whether you are using Unity or Unreal software, our award-winning software can offer a plug-and-play VR solution without the need for complicated and time-consuming customizations.